Hear the meat free music!

Grab a song, artist or band and give them a punny #veggie twist with #MeatFreeMusic

#MeatFreeMusic written on wood with musical notes and two puns - 'Maybe I'm Amaized" and 'Tempeh Secretary'

At Meat Free Monday, plants are our thing! We love lettuce, adore apples and enjoy edamame. We consume cauliflower and tuck into tofu! Mondays are a fresh, positive start to the week. But we’re also big music fans. So with The Brit Awards tonight, we have the perfect challenge.

Let It Bean, Eight Days a Leek, From Me Tofu, Tina Turnip, Radiobread, The Pear Pear Pears

You get the idea … Think music, prepare a pun and join in using the hashtag #MeatFreeMusic. We’ll publish our favourites soon!


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