Korean Sticky Burger

Really Happy Chicken
  • Serves: 1
  • Preparation: 50
  • Cooking: 10
  • Ready: 60

A crispy chick’n seitan fillet dipped in Korean BBQ sauce and served with spring onions and coleslaw.


  • 1 vegan burger/fillet (bought or home-made from seitan)
  • 2 tablespoons vegan coleslaw (e.g. apple and beetroot coleslaw)
  • Korean BBQ sauce
  • 1 burger bun
  • 1 spring onion


Dip the fillet into a batter mix and fry.

Once crispy, dip the burger into a Korean BBQ sauce.

Toast the burger bun.

Add a layer of coleslaw onto the bun.

Add the Korean BBQ flavoured fillet.

Sprinkle on some spring onions.

Additonal notes

Recipe idea courtesy of Really Happy Chicken

Boasting a menu inspired by KFC and Southern American fast food, Really Happy Chicken is a fried ‘chicken’ shop serving 100% vegan delicious, soul food. A welcome addition to Brighton’s growing plant-based scene, the restaurant is situated on the buzzing Preston Street, a pebble’s throw away from the seafront and iconic i360. Really Happy Chicken’s mission is to make vegan and sustainable living more accessible to the masses for the good of the planet and its beings, and they say: “Don’t be chicken. Try vegan!”

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