Vegan Carbonara

nu dish
Vegan Carbonara on beige plate
Serves 2
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  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cook time 30 mins
  • Ready time 50 mins

A creamy carbonara with a Japanese twist – rich and fulfilling!

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  • 160 g pasta
  • 1 sheet freeze-dried tofu (soaked in warm water for 20 minutes in advance) – or use 2 vegan ‘ham’ slices
  • 30 ml olive oil
  • 120 g mushrooms
  • 130 ml soy milk
  • 30 ml amazake (fermented rice drink) – or vegan cheese or nutritional yeast
  • 15 g shiro miso
  • 10 g garlic
  • 6-8 g corn flour/corn starch
  • pinch of black pepper
  • some vegan dashi (Japanese stock made from kombu/kelp and shiitake mushrooms)
  • pinch of salt


Stir-fly the minced garlic in olive oil until aromatic.

Add the mushrooms and salt.

Add the Amazake, shiro miso and soy milk.

Add the corn flour/corn starch, stir until it starts to thicken.

Stir the sauce. When it comes to the boil, add the prepared freeze-dried tofu.

Cook the pasta according to the packet’s instructions then add this to the sauce. Make sure the pasta is well coated with sauce.

Serve the pasta on a plate and sprinkle black pepper on top. It’s best to pour some extra sauce on top.

Amazake is fermented rice milk, if it’s hard to find outside of Japan, you can skip it or use vegan cheese or nutritional yeast instead.
If freeze-dried tofu is not available, vegan ‘ham’ slices are a good alternative.
Japanese dashi stock generally includes fish, but in this case, it’s made of kombu (from kelp) and shiitake mushrooms.


Additional notes

Recipe courtesy of nu dish

nu dish is a ‘veggie-tainment’ (vegetable + entertainment) cafe dining experience in Ginza, Tokyo. To lower the barrier to veganism, which is not familiar in Japan, nu dish offers a special ‘Veggie Monday Lunch’ at an affordable price every Monday. The restaurant hosts a regular veggie and music live stage ‘MFM Night’ event.

Facebook: nu dish Deli & Café