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Meat Free Monday is simple, effective and fun way to become more responsible global citizens. It’s about coming together as a school community to help the planet and promote healthy food. The MFM schools programme includes ideas for teachers, tips for students, information for parents and advice for caterers! Why not get started right now?

  • Teachers

    Image of a male teacher in front of a class

    Meat Free Monday lesson ideas, the added benefits of going meat free and ways to involve the wider school community!

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  • Students

    Image of a group of students

    Top celebrities, tips for getting Meat Free Monday off the ground and global facts – here’s the MFM lowdown for students!

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  • Caterers

    Image of school caterers wearing MFM T-shirts

    Scrumptious recipes, meat free nutrition advice and marketing ideas – here’s a Meat Free Monday guide for school caterers!

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  • Parents

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    Quick & easy meat-free lunch box ideas, nutrition information and delicious recipes – here’s what all parents should know about Meat Free Monday!

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