Image of students eating with caterers in background

As you know, gone are the days of pizza, pies, and chips with everything. Today school catering means meeting set nutrition standards as well as creating an enjoyable dining experience for students.

Having a meat free day every week is now recommended in the government’s School Food Standards guidance and an increasing number of schools are looking at ways to become greener.

If you’re an outside catering company, being able to provide a healthy MFM menu can be a real asset! You will be offering nutritious food and promoting environmental responsibility – schools interested in MFM will be able to start the project seamlessly.

If you cater on site and the school is starting MFM, then you’ll probably want to make sure you maintain or increase the uptake of school meals through an exciting menu and carefully-planned marketing. If your school is involved with other eco initiatives, such as Food for Life, MFM can be a step in the right direction.

Whatever your structure or background, MFM is a rewarding and exciting project!