Getting started

Encourage all children to have a meat-free day each week, using alternatives such as pulses, soya mince, tofu and Quorn™.”
– Top Tip, School Food Standards, A practical guide for schools, their cooks and caterers

To get started why not propose the idea to the student council, approach the Citizenship Coordinator and speak to the Headteacher? Discuss Meat Free Monday at parents evenings and staff meetings. Consider the menus with the catering department or, if your school uses external/council caterers, see if they are able to offer a MFM menu. Once you’re good to go and have a start date, simply sign up here! Your school will be able to display the MFM logo on your website, receive regular MFM updates and be added to our list of participating schools.

Taking part in the project is free. The only thing schools need to do is provide completely vegetarian meals each Monday. A wide variety of meat and fish free alternatives are available, all of which can meet or exceed the government’s nutrition- and food-based and standards for school lunches. See our nutritionally-analysed Meat Free Monday recipes for ideas!

Ultimately, children and young people will go on to make their own decisions about what they eat, but as long as schools offer students the opportunity to think, discuss and debate the issues as well as to cook and eat good vegetarian food, a weekly meat free day provides them with the knowledge and experience with which to make informed, responsible and compassionate choices.

The greater the number of participants, the greater the impact!

The following are some tips to get you started:

  • Organise a Meat Free Monday school assembly and make students aware that by participating in the project, they are joining a whole network of individuals, organisations, schools, groups and celebrities who are doing their bit to protect the planet. Our supporters >
  • Consider having a trial day and invite students and parents to try the food and discuss the issues.
  • Link up or share ideas with a school that already has a weekly meat free day.
  • Email with any queries.